This is our Rotty's Diet


 1, A Vitalin mix

2, Minced beef

  3, Royal Canin

And not forgetting:

1 tsp of Cod liver oil once a day

This insures a good start in life for their

Growing bones


a wonderful coat

'For their training treats'

Cow (ox) heart

Lambs Heart

Cooked with a little garlic

and then roasted to dry it a little

This is great for helping to train as they love it

As they get older and strongerI vary their diet accordingly



Our Home Made


Tuna Chomps


2 x tins of Tuna

(cheap supermarket's is fine)

2 x Eggs

  250 grms of Whole meal flower

(again cheap supermarket's is ok)

1/2 tsp Garlic powder

2 tsp of Cod liver Oil

1 Small cup of Vitalin


1. mix the flour with the garlic powder & cod liver oil

2. Make a well in the middle of the flour and garlic powder

3. Add the Eggs and mix together with the flour

4. Open the tuna tins and mash into a paste

5. Then add the Tuna to the mix

6. Mix this well togeather

7. Now add the vitalin

   When this is all mixed togeather it should have

    the consitency  of  dough:

   Now even out in a microwavable dish like the flat type

   you get from the Chineese take away:

   Press it down so it is even all over:

  Finally: Cook in the microwave for 3 min's on full power

  (adjust accordingly if over or under 850w)

Turn out to cool then cut into bite site pieces:

The cut pieces should resemble moist like chunks

                                'Then enjoy'


Hearty Treat's


450 gms of Ox heart or lambs heart

25 grms of Lard or dripping

300 grms Whole meal flour

3 x Eggs

3 tsp Cod liver oil

1/2 tsp garlic powder

or amount of garlic suitable for your Rotty

(Helps keep fleas at bay)



1. Again mix the flour,garlic powder & cod liver oil together. 

2. Cut the heart into small pieces and coat in a little flour

     taken from the flour and garlic mix and fry with 5 grms of the lard

     for about 10 min's then put to one side:

3. Add the lard to the flour and  mix until it is like bread crumbs

5.  Now add the eggs to the bread crumb mix and mix together

6. Now place the Heart into a food mixer and chop it up

     (or chop finely with a knife)

7. Now with the Chopped  heart and bread crumb mix combine together

     Again until you have a mixture like dough 

8. Now spread some of the mixture into the same sized microwavable

    container about 1/2 inch deep and press down firm 

    Cook in the microwave for 2-3 mins on full power

    turn out to cool.

    When cool cut into small pieces and treat your awaiting Rotty. 


He/She will love you for doing this for them: